Hawaii Photography Workshops | Scott Mead PhotographyHave you ever wanted to take your photography to the “next level,” or looked at an image and thought, “I wish I could take pictures like that.”? Well, you can and it won’t take years to learn.

If you’d like to master a few tricks of the trade from a professional landscape photographer, I’m one of the few photographers in Hawai’i that offers personal workshop instruction. If you want to discover the secrets of taking incredible sunset shots, photos of mystical waterfalls or capture the colors of Haleakala, I’ll take you there and teach you the techniques to come home with a bevy if incredible images.

Just complete the form below, or contact us at 808-573-6875 or email at scott [at] scottmeadphotography [dot] com

I also offers group digital photography workshops once a quarter, covering such topics as Introduction to Digital Photography, Digital Workflow, Basic Digital Darkroom Techniques, and Mastering the Big Three: Color, Contrast and Light. Class sizes are held to 15 or less students.