AluminationBack in what I call one of my “previous lives,” I worked with aluminium on a daily basis in the aerospace industry. Aluminium is awesome: it virtually lasts forever, it’s strong and light and it’s recyclable. In fact, there are aluminium instrument panels I made that are still in Space Shuttles.

Now, I’m proud to be working with the material again, producing fine-art aluminium prints. So, if you’ve ever wanted a piece of art that would virtually last forever, is easy to clean and had more moods than mood ring, welcome to the world printed on aluminium!

Each of our aluminium pieces begins by printing the image with special dyes, in reverse, on a piece of high-temp transfer paper. The paper is then placed upon a sheet of coated aluminium and placed into a 400 degree heat press. After about 90 seconds, the ink turns into a gas, which permeates the aluminium, becoming a part of the substrate.

The result is a print that will last generations, is cleaned with household glass cleaner and has an incredible depth and range of personality that changes with the ambient light in the room.

Each piece is part of a limited-edition series, which I personally sign and number. Every one is ready to hang, right out of the box, to be enjoyed for generations.