Keawakapu Coral Garden LORES | Scott Mead PhotographyI just unveiled a whopping 227 NEW photos that you can purchase from our Galleries. Looking at this new body of work, you’ll find a bit of divergence from my “norm,” as I explore new paths in my journey through photography: While you’ll still find new moody sunsets and a continuation of my “Light and Motion®” themes, I’ve also been experimenting with more twilight scenes, starry night images and painting with light. There’s a new gallery that’s dedicated to Hawaiian Lei, a host of new flora and native Hawaiian birds.

I challenged myself to stretch my comfort zone, and venture to a new realm of water photography: Honoa Wai® – a new series of images that gives you the feeling of being in the water, or at the edge of the ocean’s strike zone — bringing Hawaii’s coral reefs and waves into your home or office, while remaining comfortably dry.

The Big Breach: Our Largest Print Ever Produced

At our last Day with the Whales workshop, I managed to capture a juvenile Pacific Humpback whale performing a full breach, captured in 17 frames. I’ve now turned this series of images into ONE amazing print, and it’s not for the faint of heart: Measuring in at 17-inches wide by a whopping 35-feet long, it’s the largest photographic print we’ve ever made, and it’s now available to you!

The Big Breach LORES | Scott Mead Photography
We’re making two versions of “The Big Breach,” and both are in uber-limited-editions of only five (5) pieces. The first version is printed on Hahnemühle’s Fine Art Pearl paper on our Canon iPF8400 printer and coated with Hahnemühle’s protective lacquer. The second version gets our high-tech Alumination, dye-infused aluminum treatment, and comes as seven (7), ready-to-hang aluminum panels. Order yours on our Big Breach page.