Cherie Hibiscus | Hawaii Floral Photography by Scott Mead PhotographyPaintography ®. That’s what you get when you mix insomnia with Kona coffee! Utilizing three different software programs, I start with one of my original images and digitally “paint” over it with an electronic brush. The result is a new type of art medium with the fluidity and softness of an oil painting, but with the detail and luminosity of a photograph. Each Paintograph takes days to complete and immense computing power to boot! These limited -edition Paintography canvases are available in 8X10 (100 piece edition), 16X20 (50 piece edition) and 20X30 (20 piece edition) sizes.

Price: 8X10 – $85.00 + $10 S&H
16X20 – $225.00 + FREE S&H
20X30 – $450.00 + FREE S&H

Image Availibility: Secret Beach, Waianapanapa, Sugar Cane, Alau Dawn, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Pink Hibiscus, Sweet Plumeria, Evening Dawn, Sunset Swim, Kihei Paddle, Foam, Sugar Bush

Status: NEW – Call 808-573-6875 to order