Last week, I sat down at my desk and glanced at my little HP server. All four drive lights were out, and the warning light was flashing, alternating red and blue pulses. I scurried for the manual, desperate to find the error code key. I stared at the black box and counted red, blue, blue, blue… NNNOOOOOOOO!!!

Yep. It’s dead as a door nail.
Thankfully, I have a backup. I had learned the hard way a few years ago, when one of my drives kicked the proverbial bucket. The amount of data loss was minimal, but very memorable. That’s why I have multiple backups of my images on a redundant server, an external hard drive, a Drobo and in “the Cloud.”
Believe it or not, less than 45% of computer users backup their data. All those precious digital images, stored as “ones” and “zeros” in a disc platter that could fail. Images that might not be recoverable.
Tomorrow is World Backup Day (, and if you haven’t performed a backup in a long time, or have never made a backup of your computer, tomorrow’s the day to do it.
One of the hottest new products is Western Digital’s My Book Live Duo ( With it’s redundant RAID mirroring drives, losing images is virtually a thing of the past.
So tomorrow, play it safe. Create a digital shoebox and backup your images.