1. The day you decide not to bring an extra memory card is the day you’ll wish you’d brought five.
  1. The best “sweet light” you’ve ever seen will happen when you don’t have your camera.
  1. A mongoose and a sleeping bag make for a bad combination.
  1. A day is never long enough when you’re having fun with a camera.
  1. If you’re on deadline, and you’re working on a cover image, you will inevitably receive the Blue Screen of Death from your computer.
  1. It’s not advisable to pound down three Red Bulls and try to shoot hand-held in low light, unless you really want your subject to look abstract.
  1. When you’re late for a flight at LAX, your camera bag will always alarm at the security check point and promote you to the “secondary screening” area.
  1. Bungee cords, a Swiss Army Knife and gaffer’s tape can make any photographer look like MacGyver.
  1. The apple never falls far from the tree. Neither do coconuts, but they hurt more.
  1. Usually the third or fourth wave in a set is the best to shoot, but sometimes it’s the second or fifth that soaks your camera.
  1. If you ever see a photographer with an overloaded camera bag climb a fence or a tree to get a shot, there’s a good chance paramedics will become involved.
  1. Live for the moment. Photograph it to always remember it.
  1. It makes no difference if you’re shooting film or digital, or if you’ve spent $100 or $1,000 on your camera. Having fun while you’re shooting is all that matters.
  1. Visiting the USS Arizona Memorial will change your life.
  1. Never share a room with someone who snores louder than you.
  1. Lava flowing into the ocean looks really cool, but it’s hotter than he#%!
  1. When it’s time to upgrade your digital camera, donate it to someone who isn’t as fortunate as you so they can perpetuate their memories.
  1. A $7.00 beach umbrella from Walmart has an SPF value of 0. Ask my dermatologist how he knows.
  1. Having a humpback whale spy hop next to your boat is exhilarating. Being exhaled upon and covered in whale snot… not so much.
  1. The difference between “ooh” and “aah” is usually ½ stop of underexposure.